I manage a small group of freelancers and work with my clients to fully understand and meet their needs. I live, breathe and eat internet technology, and enjoy staying abreast of upcoming technologies and trends. I also work with clients to translate the technical mumbo jumbo into words and concepts they can understand and utilize.

I have been optimizing and building websites for search engines (and people!) since 1999. I started in
college when my dad asked me for help with a website while I was studying for my Bachelor’s
degree in Cognitive Science at UCSD. My favorite thing about SEO is the constant challenge and learning
that takes place with the ever changing shift in algorithms and search engine trends. I am currently
working full-time as an independent SEO Consultant.

Before I started working in the Internet Marketing field I had a career in biomedical engineering and cancer
research for the Veterans Administration. My published work in research can be found at PubMed.com:
PMID(s): 16702957, 18089801 and 21135252